Across the Can

by Rat Rod Kings

Released 2013
Released 2013
A good mix of Country, Southern Rock, and Mid-Western Honky Rock. Sometimes smooth, sometimes rough, but always good music.
A Craigslist miracle. Good ole outlaw music with rockabilly, country, and rock roots with lyrics that the masses can relate to.

"These guys have the punch of a 66 Cobra running on moonshine when they throw the pedal to the medal, yet when they let that 427 idle, it comes across as smooth as a cold beer on a hot summer day."
Chuck Foster - St. Louis Sinner

“The Rat Rod Kings are long standing Sinner favorites and they're on top of their game. The Rat Rod Kings never disappoint, either. These guys are a lot of fun and are delightful to watch.
On The Scene and Heard with Malice - St. Louis Sinner

“This band is a Sinner favorite and I can't wait to hear more from them. You got to love any band brave enough to rock a cigar box guitar”
On The Scene and Heard With Malice "bands to watch for 2012" - St. Louis Sinner

“The first time I saw Rat Rod Kings they were playing at Crack Fox Subversion..., all I saw at the time was a cigar box guitar which I love!”
On The Scene With Malice - St. Louis Sinner

“The latest and loudest addition to the St. Louis rockabilly scene, the Rat Rod Kings play rockabilly with a straight-ahead, no-frills rock & roll attitude. Indebted to classic rock, classic country and three-chords-and-the-booze modern bar band swagger, the Belleville, Ill. band formed in the spring of 2011, playing its first gig at a benefit for victims of the Joplin, Mo. tornado. This fall, they'll begin work on recording their debut CD.”
KDHX - KDHX "live performances"